Brunswick Mechanics Institute, 13-15 September 2018
Critical Mass/Melbourne Fringe

Created and performed by:
Tori Ball, Meri Leeworthy, Josiah Lulham and Isha Ram Das

Directed/designed/programmed by:
Meri Leeworthy

With additional creative labour from:
Kathleen Campone, Wilson Liew, Marcus McKenzie and Cedar Brown

Task randomisation test in Python

Task randomisation test in Python

Paradisiac is a body-focused exploration, led by the flow of pleasure down a winding, treacherous path.

In this project, performers take scans, measurements and documentations of their own bodies as the starting point to create performance. The work opens a discourse on the growing ways in which our private information is harvested and how our bodies become attached to the state and corporate machinery.

Like land surveyors for the Garden of Eden, we map sheltered ‘paradises’ on the land and our own bodies, noting their exclusive nature. Paradisiac is a shapeshifting queer, anarchic resistance against the seeds of virtual new borders, even as the obsolete ones make their final death throes.

Anthropometric photography by Wilson Liew

Jai Leeworthy