Jai Leeworthy is a performance artist, writer and designer living in Footscray, Naarm (so-called Melbourne). Through a multiplicity of processes and forms, Jai aims to engender a contemporary sacred performance practice. Their work is rooted in their experience as a queer ex-Mormon, and expanded through a critical and collaborative research process that aims to give space to other(ed) voices and bodies. The primary investigation of their body of work is the operation and mechanics of the esoteric in secular culture – in other words, ‘secret knowledge’ that is hidden or encoded in the personal, social, political and mythological spheres of experience.

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They studied a Bachelor of Arts (Screen & Cultural Studies) at the University of Melbourne. In 2018 they completed a creative development with close collaborator Cera Maree Brown at Brunswick Mechanics Institute, as well as recently undertaking supported professional development with Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS). They have created performance in collaboration with Next Wave Festival, La Mama and Performance Space, exhibited work at the George Paton Gallery and SIGNAL, worked as producer with Next Wave, Punctum Inc., Embittered Swish and FOLA, as a dancer with Yellow Wheel, Shian Law, Jo Lloyd and Rebecca Jensen, and as a designer with Harriet Gillies, Nana Biluš Abaffy and Phillip Adams Balletlab. 


To contact, please email jai.leeworthy@gmail.com